Militia Defense Code

                                             Current MDC-3

LOW       Condition Green    All clear and normal  MDC-5

GUARDED    Condition Gray  Basic Preparedness MDC-4
Maintain your basic state of preparedness; keep your gear packed and accessible.  Plan routes to your initial rally point.  Obtain necessary supplies for cache / resupply points.  Make yourself available for routine communications.
ELEVATED      Yellow Warning Enemy action probable   MDC-3
Maintain your gear in a state of readiness.  Check your exfil routes. Develop your own supply caches along your routes.  Pre-stage supplies where appropriate.  Keep your lines of communication open for incoming "flash" traffic.
HIGH       Orange Warning       Enemy action imminent   MDC-2
Small unit Leaders prepare to assist.  Be ready to move on 2 hour notice. If possible, pre- evacuate immediate family members and their personal gear.  Maintain close contact with your immediate chain of command and team members.
EXTREME     Condition Red  Enemy action in progress       MDC-1
Total Domestic Conflict; highest alert rating. The NKYM is fully activated. Evacuate by most expedient route possible, and assemble at designated rally points. Unit commanders will give further directions as needed.